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Bagettes - these little bags are the perfect size for a portable knitting project like socks or a scarf.  Handmade right here in Maine.  Pockets all around, and a handy fabric loop inside to guide your yarn or hook your keys.  This will quickly become your favorite little bag!   $37.00 each.
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Inside of  Knitting sheep bagette

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Knitting Sheep with red pockets            $37
Note:  red print fabric varies from bag to bag

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Paisley bagette purple pockets   $37.00

Red  pockets  $37

Each bag has 3 handy outside pockets, a fabric loop sewn inside which can be used as a yarn guide or key hook holder, and a sturdy drawstring. The top opens wide for easy access. Beautifully made, and fully lined, bags measure approximately  8" x  5 1/2"

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Inside lining showing yarn guide loop

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Looking for a larger bag?

Blackface Sheep bagette         $37

View of inside, showing yarn guide loop  -  roomy, and beautifully lined

Inside lining of the Balls of yarn bagette

Balls of yarn bagette purple pockets    $37.00

Balls of yarn bagette turquoise pockets    $37.00

Pink & plaid   $37.00

LB bagette green pockets $37

Scotties bagette  $37

Laurel Burch bagette orange pockets  $37

You can also order bagettes in these fabrics.  Matching pouches are on this page

Cats on orange fabric bagette  $37

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