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Black sheep mug $20

Black Sheep Travel Mug  $20.00

These are just too cute!
Denise H,  Long Beach, CA

Travel Umbrella
Put a smile on your face even on a rainy day with this travel umbrella   $20

Black Sheep Umbrella   $20

Notebook & pen set $9.00

Wacky Woolies Lanyard   $9.00

Black Sheep Tea Bag Caddy $7

Wacky Woolies oven mitt & pot holder set $20

Adorable Fluffy Sheep magnets
  2 x 2 inches   

Fluffy Sheep magnet  white  $9

Wooley Jumper Mug  $20

Fluffy Sheep magnet  black  $9

Wacky Woolies Mug  $20

Other products are also available as special order items,
all with the adorable Black Sheep design:

       Salt & Pepper shakers        Phone charms                 

Please inquire for pricing and allow about 2 weeks.

Knitting bags

Sheep Knitting Bags


Felted Bags

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