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Black Sheep






New Project Bag

Greetings from Maine.........
What a cold February we had!  Brutal winds and very low temperatures but only a couple of big storms here.  The rest were mostly nuisance--messy mixes that started as snow but changed to rain, sleet, freezing rain.  Ugh.

First time out this year!

But we did have many sunny days and last Saturday was relatively warm with no wind  -  just right for xcountry
skiing, ice fishing, or simply hanging out with friends as our neighbors did, making a living room on the lake! 

Guestmap news
Unfortunately the Guestmap is no longer available to us, I'm looking for a new app to use but meanwhile
we hope to see your comments on our Facebook page and will be running a contest there soon. 

Our recent project, the Odyssey shawl was very popular, with many of you working on it now.  I hope to have some photos to post next month so please send them along.  Check our gallery for more ideas and please send an image of another project I can add.  It's great inspiration for others. 
Knitters were also buying lots of Crazy Yarn last month.

Monthly Specials
We've got a pattern sale going on for March so now's the time to plan ahead for a few projects .  Lots of choices, from hats to socks, shawls to sweaters, children and adults.   Please see this page.

Also on sale, our little Chickadee Earrings.   These sweet little birds cheer us up all year long with their distinctive call and perky ways.  So polite at the feeders, they choose just one seed, then take it to a branch to eat it, making room for others.  Our state bird.

Visit this page to hear their calls and song:

Posy's Pick
This month it's Laura Chau's
Cross Stitch Cowl
She says she loves the pattern stitch and the fact that it's reversible.  Most of all, it's just the right size for her to curl up on!

This pattern has directions for 2 sizes.
See it here.

Visit our little shop in Maine

We proudly represent over 20 artisans who work in wood, metal, pottery, glass, fabric, paper and photography.

Fobs, flower trays, jewelry, soaprocks, mirrors and other fine gifts by talented artisans
All made in the U.S.A.

We're open Wednesday through Saturday, 10-5. 

On other days I'm often here in the studio behind the shop, and I always put the flag out when I'm here, so if you see it, stop in, we're open!   And please bring in your current knitting project  - I'd love to see what you're working on!

We are also always available by appointment, so please call ahead if you want to visit on an off day. For maps and directions see: or call 800-340-2514. Stop in and see us soon!

Goose Pond

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