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More socks

August 2010:  A pair of Color Banded Socks for Nancy, using commercial black yarn as the MC, and leftover handspun colors.  These were inspired by the Finnish Socks in that wonderful Folk Socks book. 
Size 3 US needles

November 09 Another pair of *what-do-I-do-with-all-these-little-balls-of-yarn* socks
I love making these, and with winter coming I can use another pair.  Mostly handspun 2 ply, heel and toe are commercial yarn leftovers I over-dyed.
Size 3 US needle
Ran out of the lighter color yarn from the 1st sock, so used a beige for the 2nd sock ankle area and near the toe section.  I liked it better!
These socks pulled in a bit because of all the patterning, but still fit well and are
becoming favorites to wear.  Note to self, allow for 4 extra sts in leg area next time.

Finished Sept 09  Knotty or Knice cabled socks from Fall 2008 issue of Interweave Knits 

I frogged the first attempt at these toe-up socks.  I'm using a size 2 needle, but the # of stitches in the pattern made a sloppy foot for me, so I eliminated parts of 2 cables to make it smaller.  I knit the leg as in the pattern, increasing as I finished the heel.  When I finished sock #1, I decided that the foot was too snug after all, so I added some plain stitches on the sides of the instep the 2nd time around.  Photo is sock #2.

Have now cut off the foot from sock #1 and will knit down to finish it to match.

I like this pattern, though I find it slow going with all the cables.  I prefer it in a solid yarn rather than the variegated shown in the magazine.  Photo of the originals here:

Will make these again!

Striped socks for Ted.  Mostly wool, some mohair, handspun and commercial yarns  from stassh.  (didn't make a dent!)
Size 4 US needle.  April 09

Cabled Easter egg dyed socks for my friend, Gloria.
Size 3 needle.  Handspun yarn, one ply wool dyed with Easter Egg Dye, one ply yellow mohair.  Finished Jan '09

A pair of birthday socks for my friend, Linda. 
The main body of the socks is Peace Fleece.  Other colors are mostly handspun wool, mohair blends, a few yards of taupe Lopi singles for the accent in the coral area on the leg.  I had fun knitting these, especially figuring out the design on the heel flap.   Size US 4 needles, sport to worsted weight yarns.  Fall 2007

Heel detail

Leftovers Socks  Size 4 US   
October 09
Mostly handspun wool and wool/mohair.  Unblocked

Odds and Ends Socks  Size 3 US   October 06

Purple  with flecks of turquoise and pink flecks - handspun wool, worsted weight, size 4 US needle.  12.09