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Spinners June Retreat
Sebago Lake 2004

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Dye Day at Louise's
summer 2002

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Spinners Fall Retreat
Sebago Lake 2004

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Shawl Challenge project
The Gathering, 2000

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Thought this was a rather pretty swatch, though you can see, it wasn't until the last 4 or 5 rows that I got so I could *read* the knitting and get those little guys in the right places.

Red and dark purple yarns are
Frog Tree Pima Silk Yarn, lighter purple an
unidentified perle cotton, all from my stash.  Pattern is
English Rose Tweed, from Barbara Walker's 2nd Treasury.

Destined to become a tank top, along the same lines as the Little Taupe Number

Size 5 US needles.  These are the very wonderful Ebony dps from Holz & Stein, otherwise known as "Noble Needles".  Another gift from my friend, Rita. I love them!

Meanwhile, I've been knitting another pair, a gift for a friend.  These are on size 0 US needles, and much slower going.  The lacey pattern is simple to remember and easy to knit except for the k3togb! 
Yarn is a commercial superwash baby wool.

Ostrich Stitch Cardigan

Handspun 2 ply wool/silk/camel yarn, size 5 US needle.

Original pattern.
This was my first lace sweater, required decreases for the set-in sleeve, so I learned a lot!  3 trips to the Frog Pond and a good knitting friend saved the day.

Posy thinks it's a great napping garment!

Neck detail  -  crocheted scallop edging, simple single crochet front with 2 pearl buttons.

Completed June 2006

Pink Silk Summer Cardi

Cashmere Scarf