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Green Bamboo Cardigan
Created with Sweater Wizard software.  Lace edging is from 365 Knitting Stitches .  Seed stitch edgings.  Graduated twisted stitch pattern above the hem. (I think I'd make this higher another time but really liked this detail)
Size 3 US needle.   Single button closure with crocheted finish on neckline.   August 2009

Pink Silk Cardi  -  an original pattern
Silk yarn from my friend, Sandie.  Size 5 US circular. 
I like the shimmer of this yarn, and it's

The color is a shell pink--not as dark as the swatch below, more like the other 2 pictures (on my monitor at least)

Little Shell stitch, from the 365 Knitting Stitches Perpetual Calendar by Martingale Press

Spring 2005:  This is an original pattern (actually it was only a concept)  I knew I wanted to make a short sleeved cardi with a little lace border.  I did some swatching, couldn't figure out what I wanted for the panel so decided to start above the panel, using a provisional cast on, knit in the round back and forth, pick up and knit the sleeves, then add a panel pattern at the bottom.

  WELL!…….  That was fine, until I realized I had goofed up the provisional cast on and it was more like a permanent fixture….  FINE!  So I picked up all the body stitches about 1/2" above the cast on (had to allow for the pattern spacing.  Now I will have to machine stitch the inside to prevent raveling, then cut the excess (which you can't see here).   

Sleeves are modified drop, top down.  I'm planning to add a shell crochet edge.

Note the dreaded rolling of the front band.  I made a facing, but I guess it wasn't wide enough, so it's just a thicker fabric that rolls now……..sigh!

now the plan is to widen the facing with crochet, then sew it down, keeping my fingers crossed (well, not at the same time….)

Overall, I like this sweater enough to keep plugging away, and I think it will be wearable, um, maybe NEXT summer…….?   

Well, happy day!  Turned out when I took an iron to the front edge, it decided to lay flat enough, so no major alterations there.  Spent 3 hours learning to make crocheted buttons (thanks, Sandie!) and added some loop closures.  It's done! 

September 2006

Short sleeved top with 2 necklines.  Designed to be reversible, the ruffled scoop  neck is higher cut than the square neckline with moss stitch trim.  I was a little worried that the ruffle might look funny where it transitions at the shoulder, or when worn in the back, but after trying it on I think it's ok.

This pretty cotton yarn is Valentine
Neveda, a gift from my friend, Rita (thanks, Rita!)
The pattern stitch, from
The Harmony Guide Vol.2, is a simple 8 row repeat called Diamond Panels. I'm using a size US 5 and really like the way the yarn defines the pattern stitch.  But it wasn't all smooth sailing.  gruesome details

         Little Summer Watermelon Cooton Tank top

Loved having a simple, mindless knitting project that I could knit while socializing, but found out one STILL needs to get the math right - frogged this THREE times because I had miscounted when I divided the stitches, then had to adjust the length, then the
armhole depth.  Jeeshz!

Even though it split easily, I enjoyed working with this commercially spun  watermelon-colored bulky cotton that my friend, Marion, produced from her stash.

Size 8 US needle.

My friend, Sandie, in the blue lace nightie from Summer '04 Knitty magazine.
Pearle cotton, size 4US needles