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Sebago Lake 2004

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Dye Day at Louise's
summer 2002

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Light grey cashmere/silk 2 ply, spun on my Canadian production wheel, for a knitted scarf.

A 50/50 blend of cashmere and silk, this fiber was purchased from
Indigo Moon Farm 

This 2 ply yarn was to become a
Christmas scarf , but by Christmas 2004, it was only a little more than  half finished and I had to buy more
fiber to finish it.  Should have known that basketweave pattern would eat up more fiber than I had bought (2 ounces)  First skein was 270 yds.

So I put it in a box, needles and all, and finally finished it in Mar. 2005.

Some dyeing experiments with Easter Egg Dyes

2007 using leftover dye after coloring eggs

Easter egg dyes, a variety of fibers, note color differences on adjacent oranges (darker one was a moorit fleece), and pinks (white, light grey and very dark brown fiber)

The finished skein (40 yds) and a small swatch on size 10.5 US needles.

End view of batt

Flipped over

Pink/purple batt

Easter Egg Dyed Socks

2003--I used leftover Easter egg dyes to color white roving.  Spun, then plied on itself, this yarn had a pleasing array of colors.

2005  - This year I used a commercially spun white wool yarn..  Put each PAAS tablets into a paper cup with 3 T vinegar, added the wet yarn, instant exhaust! 
Here are the results……..