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Dye Day at Louise's
summer 2002

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Coordinated by the lovely Chris McD, this happy exchange started earlier this winter and will culminate April 10th with the unveiling of a pair of socks for each participant.   First, we each brought 6 oz. of fiber to be spun by another, wool or wool blends, no color restrictions.  Step 2 was spinning the fiber we had received, and returning it. A 3rd exchange was then made, when we received the yarn and a foot tracing to knit a pair of socks.   Plain muslin bags, made by Chris, were used for the exchange at each level, so that no one knows until swap day who participated in each pair.

The fiber I donated was a colorful green batt, containing mostly wool but some mohair.
The fiber I got to spin was 3 different colors: blue, yellow and variegated.
And the yarn I got to knit with was a pretty marled yarn of natural dark and light gray.  Since we were allowed to add yarn to our supply, I decided to add a dark marine green, and did some color work which was fun.

Can't wait to see who gets the socks I knit, and who will be wearing the green fiber I donated.  Looking forward to my surprise socks!   Here's a picture of the ones I will be turning in:

April 10th   The day we've all been waiting for.  All I can say, is WOW!

My socks are the beautiful orange, yellow, red ones.  The fiber was contributed by Janet, spun by Patty.  They are soft and warm, and, best of all, they FIT!