Weaving - it's surprising how fast this uses up yarn, which is a good thing if you have a big stash that seems to keep growing!
Everything on these pages was woven on my LeClerc 4 shaft floor loom

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Recently off the loom………..A little shirt for summer.

Warp was the end of my dishtowel project, 8/2 celery cotton (I used the same for the crocheted trim), sett at 20 epi. 
Weft is handspun singles soysilk which I had handpainted in a green to blue colorway.  Hard to see in the photos but the weft has a nice gleam to it.  I was really squeaking out the fabric for this project, so pieced the sides, and used some crochet to build up the underarm openings.  Got some great sewing help from my friend, Beatrice.  Thanks, Beatrice!
Crocheted a little tricot edging and it was ready to wear!  It's very comfortable and cool, and best of all, almost wrinkle proof!

I seem to be into *shiny* lately.  Completed 6/06

This little mixed-warp scarf has mostly rayon and other yarns with a shine, also a few strands of slub cotton.  Sett is 8 epi