Automatically thread thick or fine needles easily with our desktop needle threader.

In purple.

Desktop needle threader  Purple  $14.95

Desktop needle threader  Pink  $14.95

Large  $8.50

Small  $8.00

Double point needle protectors   
These cute little purple or green sheep will keep your knitting from sliding off your needles while protecting the tips.  2 per package

Size Large for needles 6  - 11  US
Small for needles 0 -5 US

Large Pom Pom maker Set of 2  $8.00

Small Pom Pom maker  Set of 2  $7.00

Wonder Clips

I use these clips to hold the pieces of my knitting together while seaming.   They grip but do not tear at the yarn, like the metal clips would.

Quilters and sewers prefer these clips over pins because:

There's no risk of constant pricking, you just need to clip the edge.

They grip with strength and don't fall off or shift.

They are easily removed as you go, and are large
        enough not to lose easily.

There's no worry about breaking a needle by running
       over it. You'd know in advance to remove the clip
       unlike pins that tend to hide in the fabric.

They have 1/4 and 1/2 inch seam allowance markings 
       on the clips....and the clips lie flat!

Darning needle set of 2 in a transparent screw top storage tube    $6

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Wonder Clips -  Package of 50  $32.95

Wonder Clips  -  Pakage of 10  $7.00