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Welcome to the Frog Pond!             Rip it!  Rip it!

Current Project:  A cabled vest in purple Legato bamboo/wool yarn
I love working with this yarn as it shows stitch detail so well, and is wonderfully soft and drapey.  Size 7 US needle.  Adapted from the Luella vest pattern.
I changed a few cables and am working it in the round so there will be less seaming.  I used Sweater Wizard software to help me make the changes.

OH NO!   Well, I thought it was looking a little small……………. Took it off the needles, once I had started knitting up the back, and was WAY too small!   I toyed with idea of ripping back to below the armhole cast off, making this entire piece the BACK of the sweater, but it was too BIG for that!   So, after discussions with knitting friends, which included cutting and piecing, adding 2 large side inserts, I just decided to START OVER!   I did remember to use the now gigantic SWATCH I had created to get the exactly correct gauge this time (still not sure what went wrong but it did have something to do with not making a big enough swatch to start with, and not making it on my circular needle…….
Have had to redesign the cable placement a little, but plan to start again  -  AFTER a little rest, that is.
I must say I'm happy to see this beautiful yarn is holding up very well and at least it was easy to frog!         Jan '09   Stay tuned…….

Well, it all started when I spied this sweater at the Irish Ewe Yarn Shop in Norway Maine.

My first thought was, Wow! What a great stashbuster!  I was inspired!
So I assembled some yarns from my stash, some commercial, some handspun, and started a little swatch.  I was planning to use 6 or 8 colors, united by an oatmeal colored coopworth handspun yarn for the hem, cuffs and neck trim.

The yarns varied in weight a bit and I carried a couple of them doubled in the swatch but soon decided I liked the drape of the single better.

Now I really don't like the very orangey variegated yarn, though I do like the rusty multi colored yarn below it. 
I'm thinking I need to do some dyeing as a brick red might be nice with these colors……..   But for now I'm at a standstill, and the longer this lasts, the closer I get to that frog pond……….  Would love some suggestions/feedback!    Susan2911@juno.com