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Imaarat is a simple geometrical lace scarf with side-to-side construction. The lace is worked on odd number rows only, and all even number rows are knitted.

The scarf is knit in one-piece - the first half (from the cast-on edge to the center) is worked using K2TOGs and yarn-overs (Imaarat Stitch Pattern A) and leans naturally towards the left. The second half (from the center to the bind-off edge) is worked using SSKs and yarn overs (Imaarat Stitch Pattern B), and leans towards the right. This natural slant towards the left and then the right creates the shallow V shape seen in this picture.

55 inches long, 10.5 inches wide

Needles:    US 6 - 4.0 mm            US 8 - 5.0 mm     
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Imaarat Scarf Kit  -  Blue  $18

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Imaarat Scarf Kit  - Lakeshore $18

Imaarat Scarf Kit  -  Gold $18

Imaarat Scarf Kit  -  Pewter  $18

Imaarat Scarf Kit  -  Pumpkin $18

Imaarat Scarf Kit  -  Frosty Blue  $18

Imaarat Scarf Kit  -  Sage  $18

Imaarat Scarf Kit  -  Raspberry  $18

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