3-Dimensional Star

Sled (dimensional)

Sorry temporarily out of stock    please inquire

Sorry,temporarily out of stock    please inquire

  Noah's Ark - with dimensional animals

Wreath with dimensional holly

Noah's Ark Ornament - gold  24.00

Wreath Ornament - gold  $17.00

Noah's Ark Ornament - silver 19.00

Wreath Ornament - silver $16.00


Moon and Stars (moving star)

Sunburst Ornament - gold  $17.00

Moon & Stars Ornament - gold  $17.00

Sunburst Ornament - silver $15.00

Moon & Stars Ornament - silver $15.00

Each ornament comes with a free decorative hook

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Order extra hooks 6 per package

6 Ornament Hooks - gold $10.75

Skier Ornament (moving skier)

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6 Ornament Hooks- silver $8.75

Skier Ornament - gold  $19.00

Skier Ornament  $17.00

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