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Tea for Two earrings

Did you ever want to send just a little more than just a greeting card to someone? 
Here are some delightful choices that include a tea bag and some warm wishes!  Choose from Mother's day,
birthday, thank you, thinking of you. The message printed inside the card is printed below each design.
There is also a blank cards for your own message.

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Outside: "For You"
Inside: "For You!"

Outside: Remembering You on Your Birthday

Inside:  " Whether your tea is hot or on ice,  hoping your birthday
is extra nice.     Happy Birthday"


For You  -  Orange Pekoe Tea  $3.50

Peach Birthday  -  Cinnamon Spice Tea   $3.50

Outside Blank
Inside Blank

Outside: "Thank You"
Inside: " very much"



Chintz Garden -  Organic Peppermint Tea      $3.50

Thank You  - Organic Peppermint Tea  $3.50

Outside: "You are Special"
Inside: Blank

Outside: "Thank you"
  Inside: "
Your thoughtfulness is greatly appreciated"."



You are special  -  Pomegranate Oolong Tea  $2.50

Thank You Tea Set -  Raspberry Herbal Tea     $3.50

Outside: "You are Loved"
Inside: "
You are in my heart and thoughts today"

Outside: Happy Birthday  Inside:  "Happy Birthday to a true blue friend"


You Are Loved  -  Raspberry Herbal Tea $3.00

Blue Willow Birthday  - Decaf Black Tea   $3.50

Outside:  "Congratulations"
Inside:  "
I'm so happy for you."

Outside:  "Happy Birthday"
Inside:  " S
ending You Happy Birthday Wishes."



Birthday Letter - Jasmine Greem Tea  $3.50

Congratulations  -  Paris fruity black tea  $2.50

Outside: "With Deepest Sympathy"
Inside: "
May your cup always be full with the memories
you cherish

Outside:  Health & Happiness 
"Hoping your days are full of health & happiness"



Health & Happiness  -  Japanese Sencha Tea    $3.50

With Sympathy -  Decaffeinated Black Tea    $3.00

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