Double Crested Cormorant



Ring neck ducks

Seasonal waterfowl on Goose Pond

Although we enjoy the loons, mallards, cormorants and plovers during the spring, summer and fall, there are other birds who
make us a stop on their migration route, spending a day or two to rest and feed.  Here are just a few of them.

   Female buffleheads

Male bufflehead.  I seldom get close enough to see the coloring, but the dramatic black and white is easy to identify at a distance.  I look for them in late April and October.

Hooded Merganser   These little ducks are just stunning!  They migrate through in early spring and late fall and we sometimes get a good look at them

Common Goldeneye

Common Merganser   female

Common Merganser   male
The head looks black in the\is picture, but they are actually a dark green

Canada gosling

Resident Loons

Canada goose

Ring-necked duck male

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Ring-necked duck female

Black duck  we sometimes see these ducks in the summer, too.  They also crossbreed with mallards, creating quite a range of markings.

Mallard duckling

Wood duckling

These ducks nest in trees or boxes.

Wood duck female with  ducklings