Yarn winding equipment
These tools will make your yarn preparation and storage a pleasure.
Sturdy and time saving swifts and ball winder


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Wooden swift     $88.00

Larger wooden swift  $98.00

Metal swift     $45.00

Plastic and metal ball-winder will wind a center-pull ball in no time flat.   
How about a 50 yd ball in a minute or less!? 
Winds a flat-shaped cylinder that has more stability than a round ball, and stores more conveniently
without tumbling.  Ball winder clamps to your table or shelf for stability

Hand operated yarn winder for making perfect
pull thread balls up to 4 oz.
without requiring any cones or tubes.
Comes with integral 1.5in table clamp and metal eye yarn guide for smooth winding.

Ball winder  $39.00

Ball winder with covered gear box  $45.00

Louet Roving Carder with fine cloth
                     $785  FREE SHIPPING 
Louet Roving Carder with standard cloth
7.5" drum     $785  FREE SHIPPING

Louet Drum Carder with fine cloth
$575 4" drum  FREE SHIPPING

New ultra portable S95 Victoria Wheel by Louet

Victoria Spinning Wheel     Oak     $765.00

Victoria Carrying Case   $155

Victoria Spinning Wheel    Beech   $735.00

Louet S-17   
This is a new version, no longer a kit, comes partially assembled, and requires just a finish coat of lacquer, stain or wax.

This same excellent design has proven to be an ideal, affordable wheel for beginners and experienced spinners alike.

Large bobbin capacity, and a large orifice make spinning thick or novelty yarns a breeze.

Sturdy flywheel is perfectly balanced, making it suitable for production spinners.

Constructed with solid wood.   FREE SHIPPING

Attaches to your wheel

Louet S-17 wheel     $355.00

Other Louet wheels are available.
Please call
800-340-2514 or email for a full description and photos.

Julia Spinning Wheel   $750.00

This Niddy Noddy can be easily taken apart and adjusted to measure two skein lengths - 1 yd or 2 yds 
(90 and 180cm)
This portable tool fits easily into your spinning basket..

Niddy Noddy  $45

Spinning wheel replacement parts

Louet double row mini combs  $150.00

Process fiber right at your wheel with these Louet double row mini combs

These all purpose combs are useful on a variety of fibers, and even suited for dehairing the finest  breeds, like cashmere. After combing, the fiber can be pulled into a slubless sliver or spun straight from the comb.

Louet mini combs are made from Ash and finished with a clear lacquer. As a safety precaution, all Louet combs are machined so they are not razor sharp. Our mini combs are easy on your wrists as they are light weight at just 3oz

Footman to Treadle connector
Replacement part for all wheels except Victoria.  $15.50

Louet 6mm  bobbin bearing  $3 .50

Louet drive bands.  For all but Victoria  $14.50