Spinners Fall Retreat
Sebago Lake 2004

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Dye Day at Louise's
summer 2002

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The 2007 R&R Spinners Sock Swap was a huge success!  Shirley baked a delicious SOCK CAKE, and we had a big spread at Beatrice's house.  See more photos

Gray corriedale fiber I overdyed green and blended with turquoise mohair, yellow wool and some natural gray.  12 wpi Spun on my Louet workhorse. 
It will be a cardigan sweater for me.

This beautiful shade of moorit Shetland lamb on my Jensen wheel.  It's spinning up into a fine, lofty singles which will be nice for a pair of mittens. 23 wpi.
This fiber was sent to me by a my friend, Julia, in England.  It has very different characteristics from the Shetland I've found here in the U.S. and I like it a lot!

Kool Aid dyed angora singles on my Canadian wheel bobbin