Hand-beaded fobs by Sara Labacz
Keep track of your scissors, keys, or other tools with
these pretty beaded fobs.
Each is approximately 6.5" long, with a sturdy lobster clasp
and a pretty charm at the bottom.  $14 except as noted.

One of a kind.  Please enter a 1 in the box for each choice.

Green & brown beads with
tree charm

Blue, aqua & green beads with dragonfly charm

Crystalline and
silver orb beads with wolf charm

Turquoise, blue & brown beads with bear charm

Light Pink & clear
crystalline beads with
large bird charm

Pink, crystalline and burgundy beads with
butterfly charm

Peach, milky white and painted beads with butterfly charm

Milky white & silver beads with
small bird charm

Peach, pink & olive brown beads with leaf charm

Mauve, agate beads with rocking chair charm

Ivory, amber&
neutral beads with ball of yarn charm

Mauve & rose beads with bird charm