Healing Earth CBD products for pain relief

Aches Away Plus Salve, with its warming, circulating properties,
enhanced with the additional properties of full spectrum CBD oil.

Widely used to provide extra relief when applied topically, CBD hemp oil combines well
with other tried-and-true ingredients.

Easy to carry it with you in a convenient .75oz Stick.

Excellent for tennis elbow, sore hands from craft work, keyboard and mouse repetitive injury,
aches and pains from working out, arthritis, etc.

Ingredients: olive oil, sweet almond oil, Vermont beeswax, st. john's wort, comfrey, cayenne, cannabidol, devil's claw, bladderwrack, horsetail, mustard, ginger, myrrh, benzoin, Vitamin E, and essential oils of lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, black pepper, cajeput, and thyme.

Aches Away plus CBD stick  $15.00

"Love your Healing Earth Aches Away with CBD.
I hadn't been able to knit for years because of arthritic hands. Now I'm happily knitting again regularly.
Thank you . What a great shop you have!!"
Sandra N., Brunswick, ME.