Felted Bags by Karen Renton
Knitted felt bags with drawstring or shoulder straps.   Karen creates sturdy and functional bags that wear well and are beautiful and fun to use.  Individually made, no two are identical.  This is truly wearable art.

Needle felting details and designs are added after the felted bag is dry, drawstrings are thick and stand up to wear.  Available in several sizes, from shoulder bags to little pouches. 

To order, simply type a 1 in the box below the bag and *enter*

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Large daffodil drawstring bag  $55.00
6 1/2" x 6"  Flat bottom

Blue drawstring bag with yarn accents and flat bottom
Felted lining has interior pocket & velcro closure   12" x 7.5 "x 1.5"   $72.00

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