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Double Point Work in Progress Tubes
2 per Pack - now just $7.00

Special protective tubes for your double pointed needles while they are connected to your "work in progress." 2 Tubes per set.  Telescope from 6 to 10". In a sturdy red paperboard.

Never drop your stitches again after you put your work away!

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DP WIP Tubes $7.00

Double Point Needle Storage Tubes

A great organizer and storage solution for your double-pointed needles!

This  inexpensive strong paperboard,
telescopic tube has closed ends, and a diameter wide enough to hold 5 #10 US
needles (or many more smaller needles)

The Tubes can extend to hold 10" long needles. It also shortens to a total length of 6-1/2". They have inside diameters of 5/8" and outside diameters of approx. 3/4".

In sets of 4, you can get one for each size at this great price of just $6.00 per package.

DP Storage Tubes $6.00

    Digital Row Counter

This electronic row counter can add and subtract rows on 3 separate counters simultaneously.

Replaceable battery has a 3 year life!

Designed to be hung around the user's neck, the 23" lanyard on this model is removable by means of a small, quick disconnect buckle.

An audible "beep" confirms that you have made an entry.  (can be turned off)

This unit is very sturdy, small, and lightweight.  Just 1.5 ounces, 3" high x 2" wide x 3/4" thick

Each of the 3 counters display numbers up to 9999.


Digital Row Counter    $30.00

Measure yardage as you pass your yarn from wheel to niddy-noddy or skeinwinder to ballwinder! This affordable tool adapts a fishing line meter to yarn usage with an innovative wooden guide
system.  A real time-saver!   
Not recommended for very textured, lumpy, or wide ribbon yarns;  narrower ribbon works fine. 
Adjustable clamp included.       $52.00

Yarn Meter    $65.00

WPI Tool Kit
Calculate the weight of any yarn with this handy toolWith more and more designers and yarn manufacturers
Wraps per Inch to classify a yarn, it is now easier to substitute a yarn you may already have on hand for the one called for in your pattern.  Spinners have long used this type of tool to create new yarns to a specific grist, but knitters are also learning that it is valuable information to have.

Birch hardwood with a smooth finish

5" in length x 5/16" diameter (Yarn Guide knob measures 5/8")

All markings are laser etched into the wood and will not wear off.

There are markings for up to 3 inches which allows you to calculate a more accurate average WPI on certain uneven yarns. There are also 1/2 inch marks.

A special yarn guide knob is used to hold your yarn in place while measuring the WPI.

A WPI Knit-Kardô comes with the tool .
It describes how to use the tool and provides a useful WPI reference chart for 6 different weights of yarn.

WPI tool kit with reference card  $10.00

These plastic reference cards measure 3-5/16" x 5-1/4".
They are extremely durable and can stand up to years of use and abuse

14 cards provide a wealth of knitting and fiber information at your fingertips.
Topics include: 
               Kitchener Stitch
               Perfect one-row buttonhole
               Yarn classification chart
               Yarn  yardage estimator
               Yarn yardage table
               Label and washing guide
                Knitting needle inventory
                Knitting abbreviations
                Decreases and increase guide
                Long tail cast-on
                Make it fit guide
                Perfect gauge swatch
                Crochet hook inventory

All cards are sturdy and laminated, and include a handy ring for organizing.  $20.00 per set. 

Knit Card Reference Set   $20

See other cards you can special order

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