Tea for Two  earrings - gold


Tea for Two  earrings - silver

Crane earrings - gold

Tea for Two necklace  - gold

Tea for Two necklace  - silver

Crane necklace  - gold

Tea for Two  set - gold

Cup Approx. 5/8"
Teapot Approx  5/8

Tea for Two  set  - silver

Crane set - gold

Approx 1"



Iris earrings - gold

Chickadee earrings - gold

Iris earrings - silver

Chickadee earrings  - silver

Iris necklace  - gold

Chickadee necklace  - gold

Iris necklace - silver

Chickadee necklace  - silver

Iris set - gold

Chickadee set - gold

Iris set - silver

Chickadee set - silver

Approx 1"

Approx 1"


Maple leaf earrings - gold

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Maple leaf earrings - silver

Maple leaf necklace  - gold

Maple leaf necklace - silver

Maple leaf set - gold


Maple leaf set - silver

Tree of Hope earrings - gold

Approx 1/2"

Tree of Hope earrings - silver

Tree of Hope necklace  - gold

Tree of Hope necklace  - silver

Tree of Hope set - gold

Crane earrings - gold

Tree of Hope set - silver

Crane earrings - silver

Crane necklace - gold

Crane necklace - silver

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Crane set - gold

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Crane set - silver

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