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Hummingbird  Ornament - gold    $17

Hot Air Balloon - hanging basket

Hummingbird Ornament - silver   $15

Sorry, temporarily out of stock   

Lion with Lamb in front - dimensional

Lamb & Lion Ornament - gold  $23

     Cat in front of Window- dimensional

Lamb & Lion Ornament - silver $21

Cat in a Window Ornament - gold    $22

Cat in a Window Ornament - silver  $20

Iris and Butterfly

Sorry temporarily out of stock    please inquire

Dimensional Angel with Lute

Sorry, gold temporarily out of stock!

Angel with Lute Ornament - silver   $17

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Order extra hooks  6 per pkg

Dimensional Sailboat Ornament

Sailboat Ornament - gold     $19

6 Ornament Hooks - gold    $11

6 Ornament Hooks- silver   $9

Sailboat Ornament - silver   $17


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