Country Inn Candle Fašade  $32.50

Opera House Fašade   $49.50

Church Candle Fašade  $39.50

Fire Station Candle Fašade   
with dimensional fire truck  $39.50

Tudor House Candle Fašade

Christmas Tree Fašade $39.50

Sorry, we are temporarily out of stock.  Please call for more info

Lighthouse Candle Fašade  $39.50

Nativity Candle Fašade with three dimensional figures   $49.50

Victorian Gothic Candle Fašade $39.50

Railroad Candle Fašade with hanging mail bag on hook   $49.50

Candlelight shines through the
windows of this little house  and the door is ajar in a welcoming way.

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if you have any questions
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Wedding Cake House Candle Fašade  $39.50

Inspired by the famous Wedding Cake House in
Kennebunkport, Maine, this fašade has fine detailing and a door that stands slightly ajar   

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