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Stop 'n Go Markers by The Elegant Knitter

Our new Stop 'n Go markers make it easy to keep track of those every-other-row increases and decreases and other pattern changes.

After knitting your first increase or decrease row, just place the green marker at the
beginning of your next row and knit across as usual.
Then simply switch to the red marker as you start the next row. 
This will remind you to
stop, and either
increase or decrease as your pattern indicates.  When you see the green marker, that's your indication to
go on knitting as usual, with no increase or decrease.

Using either the red or green of the two
interlocking markers, you can keep your place when knitting sock gussets, raglan sweater shaping, and other pattern changes.

Stop N Go Markers  2 sizes silver   $8

Stop N Go Markers  2 sizes gold $8