Fine Beaded jewelry from Trudy Looking Glass

Trudy Ferland, a Maine jewelry artist, uses quality beads, crystals and findings to create these lovely pieces.  Please inquire for special orders.

Grey foil-lined earrings $16.75

Sand & amber borosilicate adjustable necklace.  16" - 20"  $75

Lilac freshwater pearl necklace $83
Adjustable length 

Lilac freshwater pearl earrings   $30

Light blue borosilicate earrings $30

Blue & gold Chech. glass earrings $23.50

Blue & green seaglass long
necklace   Approx. 31" $60

Black & gray crystal earrings  $20

Coral & pale olive glass earrings $17

Chartreuse foil lined bead earrings
Match for Earthtone necklace
(see center next row)   $23.50   

Green silver lined bead earrings  $20

Bronze freshwater pearl necklace $80

Earthtone long foil lined bead
Necklace Approx.  32"  $67