More Lace

Lace Summer Cardigan

Half Circle shawl, based on shaping from
Martha Waterman's book,
Traditional Knitted Lace Shawls.

I chose a simple motif for the overall shawl, and a bit fancier diamond pattern to lay across the shoulders and upper back, which gets most attention.

Then added a simple edging.
Knitted on size 5 US needles, from commercial
Beige alpaca 2 ply yarn, this shawl has become my favorite - it's so comfortable to wear - lightweight yet very warm.

Here's a detail from another half-circle shawl I made for Kay, my mother-in-law, from the same alpaca yarn, in grey.

I got more ambitious with my pattern and edging choices.

A Pi shawl from Elizabeth Zimmerman's pattern.  I chose a different edging.

The ParisTwilight scarf
Knit during a trip to France, this was a very
sentimental project.

Handspun silk, plied with a pale green cotton thread.  Silk roving from Treetops.
Size 5 US needle 
Stockinette & garter stitch with random lace openings.  My original design
It shimmered just like the water on the Seine.

Detail of wave pattern.  Handspun, hand dyed silk and merino 2 ply yarn.  Pattern from Heartstrings

Arches Y Columns Lace Scarf

Detail of the scarf pattern, above.
This is a free pattern, available here:

It turned out I had enough yarn left to make a neckwarmer (see photo at right) for Annie

I started this on a size 4 US needle, but changed to a size 6 for the bottom to allow for more drape over the shoulders

Commercial mohair, overdyed.  This became a scarf for my friend Gaye, in Australia.

Here's a simple Feather and Fan lace stole. The yarn is from Interlacements,
rayon & linen,  size 7 US  needles.  This stole goes with absolutely EVEYTHING!
I especially like to wear it with jeans.  It was easy and quick to knit.
Finished dimensions 18" x 75".  The rayon/linen combination gives it a lovely drape.

          July 2006   The Mystery Stole #2 Knit Along

Vacillated a lot over this, telling myself I don't need another deadline, and when my first 2 swatches were disappointing I had just about decided I wouldn't knit along after all, but then………  I saw the first clue, and this part of the pattern is so pretty,  so I was hooked!

Made another trip to the
stashthatnevershrinks and found a nice cone of lilac wool yarn that I had overlooked the first time around.
So I sat down with my needles, and here's the result:

Nice and crisp on this size 3 US needle, but it feels a bit harsh, so off to wash it………

But first I checked the yardage.  Uhoh!  Only about 750 yds, way short of the 1200 that was called for, so it's back to the swatching pad for me.

Meanwhile,  washed the skein, rinsed in hair conditioner and it's hanging to dry in a very nice breeze that's blowing off the lake this afternoon. 

It may not be destined to be a shawl, but I think it will make a very pretty vest.

More swatching, with some handspun soysilk I dyed in a pink/purple colorway.  The problem was, I had to use a size 2 US needle to get the hand I liked, and I really didn't want to knit the entire shawl with that small a needle.  And being a singles yarn, it was biasing a bit.  Not enough yardage to ply it, so found a nice fine pink wool (no end to the surprises this stash yields!) and got this with a size 4 US needle.  Nice hand, and I like the color, too!