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Sebago Lake 2004

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Dye Day at Louise's
summer 2002

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This came back and has been spun into singles. 
Now hibernating, as I am not sure I want a cardigan this color after all.

Coming soon!  Just sent this assortment of fiber off to Pogo, at Friends Folly Farm, for blending.   There's enough here for a sweater for me, and I'm envisioning a tweedy sort of yarn, so asked for minimum color blending. 
Maroon wool has already had one pass through my hand carder (this was a mystery fleece, probably dorset or other meat breed), black shetland roving, romney fleece, dyed with Cushing gold, and some brown silky mohair roving.  Can't wait to see the results!  I plan to spin a 2 ply yarn for a cardigan.