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Sebago Lake 2004

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Dye Day at Louise's
summer 2002

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Just finished--a 2ply yarn from Easter egg dyed rovings

I soaked wool roving in a vinegar solution, squeezed out most of the water, then draped 2 continuous sections, about 3 yds
total, into plastic cups of leftover dye, and left them overnight.  In the morning there were still some undyed sections between the cups (I had thought there would be more bleeding), so I shifted the rovings and left them for the day. The results were good, so I spun a singles yarn, about 16 wpi.  Since there was no purple in this colorway,  I decided to ply the singles with a raw silk that color and am happy with the result.  About 200 yds.

What does one do with leftover Easter egg dyes?  Why, dye fiber, of course!  More photos

Fiber included roving, small batts, washed fleece, mostly white, but some grey or brown (see dark grey in the
yellow batch)  Merino, romney, corriedale and some other fiber that was unidentified.  These are very small amounts, less than an ounce