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Patterns by Jackie Erickson-Schweitzer
of HeartStrings Fiber Arts

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Pendants Faroese Shawl
Contoured and shaped for a natural, excellent drape and fit, this pattern features garter stitch background with knitted lace of assorted jewel-like shaped lace motifs.

It begins at the top with just a few stitches at the center back neckband, then proceeds from the neck down in charming lace silhouetted heart motifs.

33" long and 46" across at widest point as worn.
1200 yards fingering/jumper weight yarn.

4 stitches/inch, size US 8 / 5.0 mm needles suggested. .

Size an be adjustsed with a change in yarn and corresponding change in needle size and yardage.
Charted instructions.

Pendants Faroese Shawl      $6.00

Get an Edge to Start Shawl
Designed for knitting with a yarn plied with beads and a
companion unbeaded plain yarn, this shawl can also be knit
without beads if that is your preference..

A bonus is that the shawl is entirely reversible! Wear it upside down for a decorative collar and a different look

60" wide as measured across widest distance by 40" length at center back including turned-back collar.

Lace or light fingering weight yarns as follows:
Yarn plied with beads (for edging and upper border): 495 yards. Coordinating unbeaded yarn (used for body of shawl): 450 yards.

Or use 950 yards of unbeaded yarn for the entire shawl

US 5 / 3.75 mm needles suggested
Charted and written instructions.

Get an Edge to Start Shawl      $7.00

Faroese Shetland Lace Shawl
This Faroese style shawl in garter stitch lace knitting incorporates traditional Shetland lace patterns of beads, diamonds and Madeira fans.

Top-down shaping of the center and side panels, front bands, and fitted shoulders achieves the illusion of bottom-to-top construction through the use of increases that look like decreases!

This model was knitted in 2-ply shetland jumper weight yarn.

Shetland Faroese shawl        $6.00

See our kit for this pattern

Sweet Melody Vest   $8.00

3 to 2 Any Gauge Sweater

This sweater pattern includes a simple 3-step worksheet to use to determine yardage requirements.  There are also
suggested needle sizes for any desired size sweater measurements in fingering through bulky weight yarns. Written stitch instructions.

Your sweater begins with a small triangle that also serves as your sample - no need to pre-swatch! If you are satisfied with the look and feel of your beginning triangle, just keep knitting to complete your sweater.

Neckline features a fold-down lapel. Instructions include options for 2 choices of body texture: stockinette or reverse stockinette texture body, and 3 sleeve styles: sleeveless, short sleeves, or long sleeves.

A very versatile pattern!

More lace knitting patterns

Sock patterns by Jackie

Wristlets & fingerlingss

3 to 2 Any Gauge Sweater      $7.00

Sweatshirt Sweater
This easy-knitting, easy-wearing sweatshirt style sweater is one of our most popular patterns.  The sweater is worked top-down for easy measurements and fitting along the way, and there are no seams to finish!  As comfortable as your favorite sweatshirt, this sweater will become one of your favorites!

Instructions for long and short sleeve versions are included in the pattern.

4 sizes, 36(40, 44, 48)". Bulky yarn - short sleeved version 900(1000,1075,1150) yards, long-sleeved version 1050(1150,1225,1300) yards, 3 stitches/inch, size US 10 / 6.0 mm needles suggested.

Shown in cotton/viscose yarn (blue Sweatshirt Sweater), cotton (gray cotton).

Sweatshirt Sweater    $6.00

Shaped Tee with Collar

Simple to knit and great for showing off a textured yarn or handspun!

This sweater has an asymmetrical split collar and one-piece sleeve-cap shaping for a better fit than the usual T-top.

A good choice for the beginner, but also offers inspiration and flexibility for the more experienced knitter.

4 sizes, 34(38,42,46)". 925(1025,1100,1200) yards worsted weight yarn, 5 stitches/inch, size US 7 / 4.5 mm needles suggested.

Shown in Reynolds Slique cotton/viscose blend.
Written stitch instructions.

Shaped Tee with collar  $7.00

Fine Filigree Fingerlings -  Hand warmers, Mitts, Wristlets

Here are three styles of beautiful hand coverings styled for under-the-cuff wear to give the look of
layering. The Lace Filigree pattern stitch might
appear complicated to knit, but is surprisingly simple!

Filigree Mitts, are like fingerless mittens with a thumb gusset,  Wristlets are pretty over gloves or
peeking from beneath a sleeve.

Fingering weight yarn of your choice. Size 1 US (2.25 mm) needles suggested. These hand coverings can be knitted in any fingering weight yarn of your choice. Size 1 US (2.25 mm) needles suggested.

Fine Filigree Fingerlings      $7.00

Errant Lace Hand Coverings

These delightful fingerless gloves keep wrists and hands warm. The tapered fit, DK weight yarn and an easy-to-read lace stitch pattern make these simple and quick to knit.

For symmetry, instructions are provided for making the left and right a mirror of each other.

Adult medium (large). 90 (105) yards DK weight yarn. 5 (5) stitches/inch, size US 4 / 3.5 mm (US 6 / 4 mm) needles suggested.

Charted and written stitch instructions

Errant Lace Hand Coverings   $6.00

Try our luscious Bamboo/merino yarn for this pattern.

Filigree Lace Ensemble

Here's a collection of several patterns in one, including a Neck Warmer, coordinating Wrist Warmers and Hat, all knitted in a simple lace motif that looks more complicated than it really is.

The pattern stitch has a pretty reverse side, too, so that the items can be worn inside out or with edges folded over to give a variety of looks.

These items can be knitted in any sport weight yarn of your choice. Size 6 and 7 US (4 and 4.5 mm) needles suggested for neck warmer, Size 6 (4 mm) needles for hat, and size 2 US (2.75 mm) for wrist warmers.

Filigree Lace Ensemble     $7.00

Scalloped Juliet Cap

Soft scallops frame the face in this stylish hat knitted in a modified feather and fan lace stitch.

Size Adult medium - finished circumference 21" to fit head approximately 22". Adjust size or snugness of fit by adjusting gauge/needles used.

85 yards of bulky or heavy worsted weight yarn. 3 stitches/inch  Size 10 US needle

2 strands sport weight yarn & size 7 US needle

Written stitch instructions.

Scalloped Juliet Cap $6.00

Scalloped Juliet Cap Kit, with one skein of Shepherd's Wool yarn  $18   please choose from these colors

Johnny Socks

These classic socks are suitable for both men and women.
These feature a textured pattern stitch of embossed
ribs and diamonds on the leg.

Adult large. 350 - 400 yards fingering weight.
8 sts/inch, size 1 US /2.5 mm.

Johnny Socks     $6.00

Circle of Friendship

Traveling stitch cables define inter-connected circles, and remind us of the friendships that abound through our knitting. Pattern includes stitch variations for yarn in either variegated or solid colors.

Adult medium. 300 yards fingering weight, 8 stitches/inch, size US 1 / 2.5 mm needles suggested. Charted instructions.
8 sts/inch, size 1 US /2.5 mm.

Circle of Friendship Socks     $6.00

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