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Sept 08 Celery Socks
Spun from wool fiber blended by my spinning friend, Janet, these socks have subtle highlights of beige and white.  The yarn is very soft and a bit fuzzy.  I had a false start when I tried to use a pattern that demanded a smoother yarn for stitch definition, so frogged and began again with this pretty lace stitch.
I used a size 3 needle, and a pattern stitch called Double Lace Ladder from the 365  Knitting Stitches

Started a pair of socks, and my husband, Ted, liked them as I was knitting the cuff, so they
became his, and I made myself mittens with the leftovers.

Commercial black wool and  handspun variegated mohair singles, carried  together for cuff, heel and toe.  Handspun blue wool with silk thrums and blue wool plied with mohair for leg and foot sections.     

I used a very elastic suffolk singles with the handspun variegated blue mohair for the cuffs-- and would definitely do this again.  What a great fit!

Remainder of leg and foot is handspun wool plied with the same variegated mohair used in the cuffs.

Carrying the mohair with 2 different yarns created some contrast in the socks but at the same time
provided some continuity of color.

He wears these socks more than his others--they are warmer, and more comfortable than the 100% wool pairs I've made him.

Handspun yarns used

#1 Blue wool plied with 

variegated mohair #2

#3 wool singles
spun with silk thrums

A pair of socks using leftovers from stash.

Our spinning group, The R&R Spinners, had a sock exchange.  We swapped fiber, spun it, swapped again, knit a pair of socks, and everyone went home with happy feet!
Aren't they GREAT!?

Size 3 US needles.
The taupe and neutral light grey are commercial sock yarns.  Other colors are handdyed and handspun--some Easter egg dye, some Kool Ade (red) some onion skin.

Arrow pattern & toe is variegated easter egg dyed yarn.

Used as a sampler to plan designs for a worsted-weight cardigan for  some fall knitting

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little pink silk cardi…………… only those with fortitude need continue!