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Rose Wreath mitten, from I. Gottfridsson's The Mitten Book.
Size 1 US needle, Jaggerspun wool Wisteria  in fingering weight and mystery stash yarn in a darker shade.

A pair of mittens for my friend, Yvette. 
From a fiber swap we made years ago

My handspun - wool fiber from Leah O'Donnell, who does her own dyeing. 
Contact her at

The fiber was a joy to spin.  The pattern was a generic mitten shape, using random color choices - I almost ran out of purple on the 2nd mitten!
The thumbs seem large to me, but maybe they'll come in handy if Yvette ever needs to thumb a ride in one of our Maine blizzards.

I love watching the patterns develop in these mittens.
Still mastering handling the colors with decreases, especially on the thumb!  Still have to block these.

I'm hooked on these 2 color mitten patterns! This plum & green combination is my favorite so far, but I'm already playing with other color combinations in my head…….

A Scandanavian snowflake pattern, which I received over 2 years ago from a cyberfriend.
Originally I had intended to make socks with this motif, but decided on mittens. 
I did a little photo--enhancing so you can (barely) make out the thumb on the right hand

Handspun 2 ply mohair (the white yarn)  and 2 ply corriedale (I think) 
This dark yarn is yet another of an embarrassingly large number of unlabeled balls of handspun
which populate my studio.
Next time I'll center the pattern on the back of the hand, instead of letting it  wrap randomly.


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Mittens for me!

After I finished Ted's socks, I found I had enough yarn left over to make a pair of mittens for myself.

Variegated singles handspun mohair (blue/turq/black) carried with wool handspun singles, alternated with a 2 ply wool mohair blend.

I carried two strands of singles together, using the very  elastic suffolk singles with the mohair for the cuffs-- and will do this again.  What a great fit!

Remainder of leg and foot is handspun wool plied with the same variegated mohair used in the cuffs.

Carrying the mohair with 2 different yarns created some contrast in the socks but at the same time provided some continuity of color.

Yarns used #1 Blue wool plied with 

variegated mohair #2

#3 wool singles
spun with silk thrums

Finished the block mittens!  Yes, I know, one cuff is longer than the other, but they do fit just fine, and I don't think anyone would notice from a galloping horse.

Size 1 US needle, variegated singles handspun and a single ply charcoal from Cottage Craft yarn.  There is an ever-so-slight skewing going on , but really not noticeable, I think. 

Shaping and cuff pattern is from the Mitten Book, by Gottfridssonlove this book, and would like to knit every pattern in it!

Dancing Cables Mittens  -  based on a sock pattern from Interweave Knits magazine. 
Size 2 US needle, fine hand dyed sock yarn

Work Mittens, made with Lopi leftovers from another project.  So I would have enough yarn to cover those big manly hands, I also used an Irish aran yarn, (see the cuff) which is a little lighter in weight but not so it makes much difference.  Size 7 US needle.  They knit up really fast!

December, 2006