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Using a process of acid-etching, I have been creating gold and silver plated
Christmas ornaments, jewelry, picture frames, bookmarks, and other metal gift items for over 30 years.

I like to use dimension, detail and moving parts in many of my pieces,
which are lightweight and often intricate.  There are nature themes, whimsical designs,
nautical, and traditional pieces to catch your fancy.
Please browse through pictures of my work on these pages, and order online, by phone or by mail. 

My work is reflective of my relationship with others
and with my environment. I try to create pieces that
convey the feelings of continuity and tradition
that I experience living in New England. 
I also like to be playful at times and make more
whimsical  items.

My lakefront studio at Goose Pond provides a
setting to refine designs which may have
originated as ideas or inspirations during travels many miles from my Maine home. Returning to the beauty and peacefulness that is Maine helps me
to maintain a joyful equilibrium in my life
which I hope is evident in my designs.

I have studied at the Haystack School of Crafts but am
primarily self-taught. My work can be seen in shops and
galleries throughout the US.

I have been a spinner and hand-knitter for many years, and in 2004 began designing knitting accessories when I could not find a needle gauge for some very small needle sizes I sometimes use.
It has been wonderful to bring my business focus to this important
dimension in my life.

If you would like to know where you can buy my work locally, please send an email with your zip code and I will send you the name of the nearest shop or gallery that carries
Goose Pond items.
Thank you for your interest! 
Susan Pine