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Greetings from Maine...........

It's so calm here this morning - hard to believe we had a terrible windstorm just a few days ago that took down trees, damaged buildings, and knocked out power to over 450,000 locations here, and there are still over 100,000 without electricity as of this writing.   

It's times like these that we are especially thankful for our woodstove and generator, but after 3 days without power I'm really appreciating having hot water again!   We are grateful to all those hard-working linemen and women who are still working on repairing those downed poles, transformers and lines.

As you can imagine, all our wild creatures dove for cover and some lost habitat, but we're seeing them slowly return to normal activity.  There's lots of brush to clear, some downed trees on our road and neighboring properties, but thankfully we escaped without any major damage here.  In no time it will be as if it never happened as the migrators continue their travels, and the resident birds are busy at the feeders again.   A lesson in resilience. 

Guestmap drawing winner
Congratulations to Julia M., from Lakeland, FL, who won our drawing this month.  Julia will receive a free Christmas ornament or pair of earrings of her choice.   If you'd like to be entered in our next drawing for a chance to win your favorite ornament,  just sign our Guestmap.   Be sure to include your name, city and state.  We really like seeing where everyone is from and reading what you have to say.   Our winner will be announced in our March newsletter.

With the holiday season in mind, our Partridge in a Pear Tree on special for November.  This cute little dangling patridge will catch the light wherever you place it on your tree.   Did you know that birds are considered a universal symbol of happiness and joy?  That's why many consider it a necessity to have at least one on their Christmas tree.

Please see this page to order at a special price this month. 

You can see all our 75+ Christmas ornament designs on this page.   As always, orders over $60 ship free of charge.

As the temperatures drop and the days shorten we all love to cuddle up in a warm cozy place, and we have some wonderful things to help you create a comfy little nest.  Visit our gift shop for candles, bath soaks, soaps, lotions and other pampering products, including our colorful Soap Rocks, and popular Healing from the Hive cream.   

Making your Christmas list?  Tell your better half about our jewelry choices by Goose Pond, Sara LaBacz , Debbie Walker, and Trudy Ferland.   

Our little gift shop is proud to carry the work of 20 talented artisans, many from Maine.   
Almost everything in our store is handmade in the USA. 
Take a peek and plan to visit us soon. 

This time of year we're open Thurs - Saturday, 10-5, We hope to see you soon!

Warm wishes,