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Challenge Shawl for the Gathering of Northeast Handspinners,
Nov 2000 Sugarloaf, Maine

Spinners June Retreat
Sebago Lake 2004

Spinners Fall Retreat
Sebago Lake 2004

*Challenge* Shawl.  Handspun Singles - 50% merino wool, 50% linen, knitted on size 3 US needle.

Detail of lace edging

Detail of shoulder lace motif.

Sample  swatches

LOVED this swatch, but found it very time consuming and time was running out!

This is a variation on the Charlotte Bronte shawl.  Pattern available from the Bronte Parsonage Museum or from Red Bird Knits.

The pattern called for a
lighter weight yarn, but I used a
100% wool DK yarn from
Shelridge Farm
I really wanted a heavier weight,
larger shawl.

If you'd like
a copy of
the chart I made
for this edging, please email me:

The finished shawl is just what I had hoped for - 44" square, and great to snuggle under.
I also changed the construction of the shawl somewhat, using just one of the edgings called for, and applying it to all four sides of the shawl, rather than the two sides called for in the pattern.
My original plan had been to add the other edging along the outside of the first, but after working a few rows
I decided it was too dense and that the border needed a more open look. 
I achieved this, I think, with the fern edging and faggoting I ultimately decided on.

Another Shawl Saga

November 24, 2006

Just finished!    The Swallowtail Shawl, Fall 2006 Interweave Knits

At a recent guild dye day I over-dyed this off-white Alpafina yarn and I'm very happy with the new color.  Size 4 US needle.  I added two repeats of the main pattern stitch to make it larger than the shoulder shawl shown in the magazine photo.  I didn't block it savagely, and finished dimensions are approx 42 x 21