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Spinners Fall Retreat
Sebago Lake 2004

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The Gathering, 2000

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Lace Cowl (August)  Resurrected from banishment when I found some pink silk singles in stash that looked compatible enough.  I think it worked.  The piece is longer now and will function fine when those cold winter winds start to blow.  I love happy endings.

Update (March)  Well, loved the way it turned out until I had it on my neck for awhile and found it was so drapey that it really was too short to wear for warmth.   Frogged it a second time, then couldn't find any more soysilk I had spun (swear I had a little more…...  This project is now banished to the waiting basket.

A lace cowl  using handspun soysilk 16 wpi.  Dyed with Lanaset dyes in a colorway I think of as *Boudoir*  Size 5 US needle.
Pattern by a talented Finnish designer named Paivi.  (look for her on ravelry as Lankakomero.   I love the way it turned out,  though I had at first made it too wide and had to rip and start over.  Love this lace pattern, and the wraps were fun to do.